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Old House

the old house is empty now
standing all alone
only the memories remain
the people are gone

the windows are boarded
the grass grown tall
doors knocked off hinges
holes in the walls

standing here looking
thinking way back when
remembering life long past
i start to grin

i close my eyes
remembering long ago
back to happy times
i used to know

back when we were children
laughter filled the air
back when life seemed easy
we didnt care

but those days are long over
we have since grown
we moved away
have families of our own

so the old house is empty
stands all alone
only memories are here
the people all gone

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Dead did not help me
Hi Sandy! Loved (Old House) ! ! very nice! ! - (a10) ! Thad
good poem. my share; our old house empty but full with our memories