Thought Goes Round And Round

Thought goes round and round
In so many
Permutations and combinations.

Anguish saw Thought and it
Fell in love with his mirror image
There and then.

Thus Thought has since borne
The loads of Angst
In human brains and souls
Turning angst and suffering
Into the Beauty that at last
Redeems us humans, all,

by Emmanuel George Cefai

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I couldn't understand why Oliver would feel that way until I read the comment below by Viking Thrice, then it made perfect sense. Thank you, Viking! Where can we go to visit the ship today? Anyone know?
Aside from the wonderful story described by Viking below, man, how awesome to see such a delicately worded, beautiful piece of prose from one of our nations greatest men. I did not even know that Oliver was a poet, and have now discovered he was particularly good at it.... How wonderful it could be if all men tasked with sitting in judgment over a nation saw the world with artist's eyes... I should think the very thing that brought such deep meaning to Ironsides, battles and war, should become a forgotten travesty....
If I recall correctly, the US Department of the Navy had proposed to destroy the USS Consitution, otherwise known as Old Ironsides. Holmes read about this in a newspaper, and incensed by the report, wrote the poem above in protest. There was a public outcry as a result, and the government decided to scuttle its plans to, well, scuttle the ship. The poem retains great power, doesn't it?
This is my great uncle. No kidding.