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Old Love
NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)

Old Love

mechanised franchise
buy it as you will
unwanted memories
extensive bills
hungry for it
run out of it on shelf
old love is gone
now you want some for yourself
computer age romantics
generated dreams
super cyber highway
all not what it seems
recycle bin and empty
forgotten once and for all
symptomatic reflex
as you boot it out the door
chemical imbalance
deficiencies unseen
drug induced intoxication
makes you ghastly almost mean
systemic population
digits on the screen
I gave my heart to a virus
now its stuck in my blood stream
imaginary elements
make everything seem real
I wish i could believe you
That you never lost your feel
computerised generation
romanticised ideals
old love cant be rekindled
its not micro generated meals
no reheating on this cycle
no reverberated dreams
i wish more i could promie you
but my lifes not what it seemed
i would turn back the hands of time
if this were just a game
but its not you know as well as i
old love will never be the same

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Very erudite. So much so, that it is difficult to understand. After a couple of readings, I find Old Love to be most enjoyable!