MWP ( / Farmington, Utah)

Old Man

I stare into the looking glass
I see an old man looking back at me
His face has a bewildering expression on it
His forehead is wrinkled with the passing of time
His smile is genuine, his words are sincere
His back is hunched with all the burdens he carried through his life
His mind is still strong, but his body has grown weak
All his life he did it alone
Now he must rely on the kindness of others
All his life he gave his heart out
Will anyone give theirs in return
His hands are worn and beaten from the abuse of life
But still hold affection in their touch
He looks at me, His eyes are big, blue, and clear
His eyes hold so much anguish, and yet a little joy
He looks at me again
I see the hardships he endured in his expression
His hair has lost its color
His life has lost its joy
I stare in wonderment at the old man before me
Who is this tired old man I wonder
When all of the sudden I realize
Its just a reflection of me

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I enjoyed all three of your poems, but the Old Man I could relate to. I have the same understandings and feelings but they are towards my daughter. I would love to hear thoughts about this piece.