....And Into Nothing....

....and into nothing....

For all the years I caused you grief
And for all the fears you took from me
With unbounded strengths to protect
And the unfettered patience that was always
I find myself in these ends of days
In contemplations reverie
Forever in your debt
Ever in complete awe of your humilities shown.

For I now know your pains and tears
They abound within me each thought
That screams it's presence it's right to be
And course around what's left of me
The slightest ache the least of woes
Takes a toll far worse than known
Gladly I would live this instead
To give more life to ease the loss.

Yet with each drawn breath and each fallen chore
The driving of hope becomes less clear
I must guide and I must hide
Ne'er show to you I am still small
The trembling hand and shaking mind
I take my rest when e'er I might
With each dawn new and every raised day
I know with clarity yours is worse.

To watch your fall and hear your aches
To see your eyes fill up with such
Unspoken torments and stoic resolve
Always ahead be better times
Yet I see a day without and yearn
For each found moment each thought aloud
And cherished tales of youthful splendour
Remind me of a world before.

The weakness growing in every way
With knowing looks and shared glances
No words in this reflected agony
My own hands become the Father
And now offer the comfort
Inevitable failure it seems will prevail
But with dignity's reign we do our utmost
And loose our prayers upon those forlorn.

I see too clearly I see too late
What must be lost and must be given
The closeness birthed with warmth renewed
No matter the cost we will prevail
To allow the last not become the end
To forever hold so close and grow
With what you give with what we owe.

by Waeffe Doc

Comments (2)

a lovely poem..just now i commented to somr one who wrote about love between a young man who says about himself that he is old..ad in this poem the same thing the another poet say..first poets they never grow old and it is the sweetest love between young woman and her younger old man...cheers..but that true words...the most understanding giving and respect between both will be..best wishes..............10++++
In this lovely poem an old man and a young woman is there with love. Love it with 10.