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Old Man Blue
LT (May 12,1984 / Fort Worth, Texas)

Old Man Blue

Poem By Lee Tran

Old man blue, sat nearby watching the ocean
tumble over and over washing away the shore
of time.

Perhaps his legacy outlived the sands on his toes
as he walked the length of the Alantic beach
wondering how the years fly by so fast.

One instant you're a fragile child, making
sandcastles while Mother took countless
number of pictures that she still hangs
in his living room as a memoriam.

Or wedding bells ring from the cobblestone
church on the nearby hill that has the graveyard
facing the rising sun in the east, her tombstone
lays adamantly amongst concrete angels.

The lighthouse beacon shines through the
twilight hours searching for lost souls at sea
maybe one day he'll find his soulmate
in the waves crashing below on the rocks.

Old man blue, took a deep breath, lying on the
sand forged by many children's hands. His last
breath a lasting remnant of a still renowned legacy.

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