Old Memory Trail

I find the way to live again,
The pleasures from before,
Is listening to the old folks' tales.
It's pleasant time, spent in repoire.
Both are blessed, the listener
And the story teller, frail.
Pull up a chair. I'll lead you down
Life's old memory trail.
Old Friends I lingered with dear friends today,
Reminiscing all the while.
We shared our thoughts, each tender touch,
Some tears, more laughs, a smile.
We must do this more often.
I am at their beck and call.
Charming friends inspire me to respond,
Eagerly - with them all.
Some, I've known since childhood;
Newer ones, I greet with glee!
Dear friends increase in number,
For I bring them home with me.
They'll share time with you gladly,
(Their inner charms, their classic looks).
Pick the sweetest and the wisest
From among my friends: my treasured books.

by Martha M. Fuller

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