Et Memoria

Come and walk through my life today
while we remember our yesterdays,
a new day is unfolding for us

and leave an impression of you,
painted against the canvas of my thoughts
because every new tomorrow
is born from our yesterdays

and you stay part of me, even though
everything between us is past,
I see you in the sparkle of the sun,
the dew that are sparkling on leaves

and now I realize, that love
in every moment of remembering
starts new again

and how slowly I still stretch out moments
that is already past
as if it’s always part of my humanity

but I am aware
that our relationship is far past being dead,
that tonight
you will find heat with someone else
as if I am only
part of a quenched flame.

[Reference: Et Memoria by Japie S. Strydom:

“Come walk tonight
through my tomorrow,
and page with me through my dreams,
draw your body here
in my soft covered book,
since our today is born in yesterdays and tomorrows:

you are a flash of the sun,
the early morning dew;
summer dreams on a late afternoon,
an early spring morning–

tonight I know,
that the days of our lives (love?) ,
starts in every remembrance:

how slowly I weaved you
and carried you down
– into the cocoon of yesterdays and tomorrows
in remembrance of drawn out longing
to the wool blanket of my conscience.

Tonight I know
that your feet
unaccustomed to the strangeness -
will separate from me coldly shy.” (My English translation.) ]

by Gert Strydom

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