Old Mirror

There's an image in the mirror certainly can't be me.
I'm taller and younger don't you agree.
That fellow has gray hair that's mostly thin
Wrinkles and lines and doesn't have a grin. I've got to do something about that mirror so bright.
When I get ready for bed it tells me good night.
And then in the morning it looks like a mess,
You'd think I didn't sleep or get enough rest. I'll turn the lights down low so it won't stare.
The jokes on me I can't see to comb my hair.
Can't put on my tie, can't get it straight.
Mirror I've got to go to work you're making me late. I'd better think this over you need a helping hand.
Just lookin in the mirror won't make me a man,
Won't cause me to look older or younger that's my job.
I'm puttin on new Duds I'm not looking like a slob. Puttin on a new hat and tie and a brand new smile
We work well together old mirror we go the extra mile
Now that we understand each other we'll get a new start
It's a shame old mirror you can't see what's in my heart.

by Joe M. Funkhouser

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