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Old Pathways
(June 24,1961 / Naga City)

Old Pathways

It was an array of darkness
And a weary soul paints destiny
Of its own striving to walk a path
Where thorns and thistles lay:
It bequeath the benighted infamy
Of a frenzied life.
The influx of thoughts was plain
To reach out the endless light.
But, as I walk near, it goes off
Far from where I stand.
And as I took a back step, I saw
The pathway comes near so bright.

What is it that I flinch?

Questions were uncertain
For answers
nor the meaning so tied
By the curling of my tongue:
My mouth spoke
My senses tensed
And in my awesome amazement
I found myself walking
Back at my old pathways.

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Langston Hughes


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