Old Perkins

Perkins is a lucky man
He systematically leaves
His wife to carry the can
He lives just as he pleases
Life for him is a breeze
Whenever he remembers
He gives Mrs. Perkins
A loving pat on the back
His way of acknowledging
Her significant contribution
To the easy going life style
That he has been enjoying
For a quite while
Poor gullible Mrs. Perkins
Continues to support him
Until one fine morning
When she is making breakfast
And he is half awake and yawing
In comes a buxom young lass
Dressed in clothes quite crass
With a wailing babe in her arms
On seeing a shockedMrs. Perkins
She deposits the baby
Into the nearest chair
Shouting that it is high time
That Perkins takes responsibility
And proper parental custody
Of his very own progeny

by Sandra Martyres

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