Old Sea Saws And Modern Instances

Time's sea through which surfed story stares,
draws close and then again withdraws,
who’d wave away all weighting cares,
investigates Effect and Cause.

Effect and causal interplay
prismatic panoramas rare
prepare in an insightful way
for those who constantly compare

the patterns that, converging, wear
time’s face awhile, forgetting flaws,
altert to tempo, pace, space, - where
most stick to facts while clutching straws.

The swirling lights from faraway
switch to tomorrow’s and before’s
entwining helix holiday
which time and place in_tact ignores.

Though toadstool ring and elven flair
protect the glade from orcish claws,
there’s more than meets the eye as stair
leads long a track surprises stores.

Wild wonderland awaits as day
to dream surrenders that explores
relationships which on our way
we make or break, take from time’s jaws.

Coincidence some call repair
rewinding skeins of silken gauze
though very few remain aware
of links, elastic chains, as laws

invisible act out life’s play
turn and return each part as Cause
in equipoise may castaway
restore to health, wealth as implores

the rich for mercy. Lady fair
find behind beast’s ugly roars
the mind that steers her true welfare
hooks kind preparing for her oars.

Should panther seem to pounce today,
seek neither flight nor sword, because
dismay sows its own seeds and grey
more grey attracts, - avoid rapports

with self-made thunderstorms, forbear,
for one must wake within, applause
win through true harmony - who'd wear
contentment’s crown renown ignores…

Time's sea seems trap which mortals snares
draws curtains' close though mirage shores
would wave away all waiting's cares,
dreams ebb fresh paradise restores.

by Jonathan ROBIN

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