Old Soul..

As I see the setting sun I'm reminded that I too, am one..
For I am a old soul shrouded in mystery,
Detached from the rest of the world for I'm too deranged from this reality..
Desires and wishes have left me with nothing consistence,
Too alive, yet too confused for I feel all but my own existence..

As I see the rising moon I'm reminded that one day soon..
The words and riddles I write will bloom..
As colorful flowers my words will touch your heart,
Do not think that I am damned, for one day I will depart..
I will leave as it were a dream only to awake and start over again,
This old soul will pas on but my words are remembered and lessons can be learned, I wish you the best and farewell..


by Rick Adriolo

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Amazing poem, brilliantly told. A 10++++ for the vote.