Old Thunder

One hundred thousand years have passed by every day
I still sit alone
My hair turns quickly gray
In my flesh, the seeds of sorrow you have sown
They thrive on my pain beneath my flesh, in my heart.
Nails cracked, Eyes dulled with pain, hate, love
I was inspired
but now i'm sad, and tired.
I tried to fool you I tried so hard
but you held every card
For you, I drank the poison that was meant for you!
Nail me to your post for all I care now
Bleed me, Beat me, Break me, Kill me!
Old friend take my soul now
before I change my mind.
I will wait for you, as I have, for eternity
Because I miss your stinging flesh
the acid in your kiss
your burning eyes, and mocking voice
My star is gone, I gave you mine so you could have two
Because I wont need it where i'm going, going, gone...

by Ivory Rose

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