SAS ( / Defiance, Ohio)

Old Time Preaching

Why are you settin in that rockin chair
Paintin you nails and combin your hair
A posin and primpin in the lookin glass
Just awaitin for Jesus to cut your grass?

What are you payin for that fine big home
And that good lookin car as you roam
You spend years a payin and workin all day
But you pray for a minute to be saved, Yea! Yea!

You want all the goodies and that's not all
If you don't get your way then you bawl
You want to live in God's pocket and have all cream
Just to be above others, is that your scheme?

Just keep on goin as you are to see
Go on and climb on the Devil's knee
When you cross that river and are standin at the Gate
You'll think of Jesus just a little to late!

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