KC (7-10-88 / palm springs)

Old Tree And Sweet Tire Swing

A single memory often returns to my mind
From the days of my early childhood
Of a tree in my grandmother's front yard
That for years held an old tire swing
Where I used to spend my days
Leisurely there in the summer's sun
Dreaming always of the day
When I would find my soul's companion
As young girls often like to do
The dreams I dreamed there were pure
Like the soft breeze that surrounded me
There was no disappointment to cloud
My heart at such a fragile young age
So I lay there dreaming my days away
And now that I am older and likewise jaded
I think back to those wonderful summer days
Dreaming only the sweet and pure dreams
Of a hopeful young girl who was constantly
Swinging and dreaming on an old tire swing

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