Old Truths

Currently truth's axiom,
places humankind beneath all beasts;
veracity, of men quashed,
upon this flesh, the darkness feasts;
contradicting earth's consciousness,
droll elude to religion's priests;
conscientiousness defeated,
iniquity pulludating living's yeasts.

Propitiatory thesis,
political double entendre is survival's question;
casuistry lies rhetoric,
warmonger's tout, blind corporate Hessians';
conjectured threats reap profits,
highest payoff, inane aggression;
timonism, each nation's norm,
respite equals divine intercession.

Inveteratea, malignant mindset held,
by a faltering party's cadre;
unsavoury odoriferous monotone,
their ways or rend life cendre';
inexplicable hatred's continuance,
death's lucre, their nose poudre;
shibboleth, revere our past,
the people's truth, they sclaundre.

Malthusianism leaps life's mean,
noesis, surpassing Pax Americana;
republican concept, Poor Law Act,
disgust gifts man's Dar'sana;
dawdling waffling deviates all,
thus, legacy an arcane Ecbatana;
anomalousness, politics of crudity,
path to hell and not Nirvana!

Truth's age, inconceivably old,
its foundations galactic design;
inconsequence of one mind,
this society does its best to malign;
future's moments fade to grey,
present levenduur's disincline;
devastation wild fury blessed,
leaning right, is choice unbenign.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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