DG (9/19/1963 / )

How I Loved

today of all days i feel so alone
for so many years i've bein alone
today is different

i use to have someone
like everyone else he was my only sunshine
but the love died an he hurt me
it went so dark
i couldn't see where i was going
i had to leave but couldn't bring myself
to do it i cared so much it hurt in side

i cryed for months not knowing if you
cared or if you ever will
so i wrote this poem for you

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Great images David........your poems are sometimes so ''out there'' they are very interesting and seem so cryptic. (or maybe I'm just stupid) but, they really make me think.......that's a compliment! Sometimes the images in your poems stick with me and leave me with a feeling that I need to figure out ''the message''. Great work. Sincerely, Mary