Old Wifes Riddles

Old wifes tales are a mystery
which started way back in history.
If I wore a dress with a dropped hemline
then mother would say 'A Stich in Time Saves Nine!
We each had a jar on one of the kitchen shelves
as the money went in Mum would say'Look After The
Pennies and the Pounds Take Care of Themselves.
I hope you have enjoyed my old wifes riddle because
There's Been Many a GoodTune Played on an Old Fiddle;
but dont ask for an encore, I am forty and a score.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (2)

So much richness in the 'Old Words' you are coming across beautifully and with something of an educational nature Thankyou Love Duncan
If you collect proverbs/saying/riddles/etc, here's another for you. Wish in one hand and spit in the other. See which fills first. Forty and a score? Actually by my count: It's three score, plus three more. But who keeps record of the amount? sidi