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Oldest Promise
TC ( / Mississippi)

Oldest Promise

All thru life people run from who and what they are.

Always in search of what they could be or would be.

I am but a poor country boy that is searching for the answer to a dream.

I believe in the end time.

People will be running to and fro hoping for the opportunity to see their God.

I shall be in my simple way hoping and believing in the love only you can bring to my simple soul.

Time is but a fire that burns within me.

Every second passing is an increasing desire that fuels the anxiety inside my simple existence.

I believe that before time ends and the oceans are required to release the souls it has collected.

I will be granted a private audience so that I may utter the oldest promise ever made.

I love you! !

I only ask that you grant me one wish.

That when you take a breath.

Think of me.

So that I may be with you.

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