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Olivier Salad
(Dec 29 / Toronto)

Olivier Salad

Poem By Nassy Fesharaki

Olivier Salad

Today, I
A friend brought me some salad
Remembered lot of past, all in mind;

I used to get lot of potatoes
-boiled and peeled, mashed in pot

And chicken
-cooked juicy, took the bones
-then cut nice

Mayonnaise and pickles
-no more salt, some pepper

If herbs and flavours
-for one's taste!

I rather thick oily liquid of chicken
-to replace mayonnaise

It was my favourite in cooking
-when married;
-…and loved it
-we dressed casually
-and sexy
-and had fun
-had great family

She was an innocent
-too simple when she talked

I listened and enjoyed as if jokes
- "Look at her, " she would say and point at breasts
-of woman; explained: "It chokes her, "
-if breasts were far up
- "It is like zucchini, eggplant, " if lengthy and apart

And talked of women's hair, died and shaved
-and how they get wet when wanting sex…
-we do not share those days; are gone, dead,
- "Thank you, my teacher, " should tell her

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