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Olympian Disgrace

Even for a poet
It is difficult to evoke
The disgrace that are these 'Olympics'
The disgust I feel, that in some way
You are certainly feeling too
Because you are human
And literate, I assume
You know as well as anyone

How Tibet is occupied, these 55 years
Minorities suppressed, births controlled
Beliefs circumscribed, Inquisition-style
All those dissidents on trial
And the students in the square
(Has the Party apologised?)
Complicity in Darfur
Labour camps, all set aside
While athletes are being glorified

I'm not evoking Berlin,36
Nor the Soviet Moscow games
Nor the vicious oppression of minorities
In London Town (we'll come to that, no doubt)
I'm dealing with the here and now
Sports and games of the vainglorious
Corporate profits quick and furious
And the nausea in the air
As the smug and sly regime
Expectorates its justifications
And fake-righteous indignations
Into our faces, time after time.

Ashamed of the weakness of my voice
I will exercise my little choice
I won't be watching a single second
Jump or muscle-twitch or race

And to all the companies
Raking in dollars from backs bowed down
I know who you are:
You will not get my dime.

by Frank Bana

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Way to go Frank More power to your voice Cheers Anita