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Omega's Plea (Paper Heart)

cower, hide, and disappear
my life is one of constant fear

a paper heart is all that remains
constantly shattering yet leaving no stains

ruthless pranks and mischievous antics
my mind is always racing thoughts always frantic

people always laughing and mocking
my paper heart is almost stopping

most would blame someone else
yet i fault no one but myself

is there something wrong with me?
is that the reason they won't let me be

or is it because im not smart or pretty
and can never think of a comeback that's firey and witty

oh paper heart torn and shattered
just give up nothing matters

forget the tape forget the glue..
theres' too many scars that i just can't undo

poor little heart the world has takens its toll
poor little heart that can never be made whole

wait hang on...
poor little me
i can't live without a heart,
cant you see
oh paper heart how could you
......you failed me.

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