Omen Of Emptiness

Poem By Spike Milligan

The clock has turned enough
to reach a planet
Life is endless night
I hear wings beating in
the dark of my room
A giant Raven is waiting –

for me to fall asleep.

Comments about Omen Of Emptiness

I do not find this poem humourous or light hearted. The title of the poem aptly indicates what the poem is about - an emptiness in waiting, perhaps an eternal emptiness. 'I hear wings beating in the dark of my room A giant Raven is waiting – for me to fall asleep' - a poetic indication of an impending emptiness! Congratulations to the poet, posthumously, for his poem's selection as the 'Modern Poem of the Day'!
Life is endless night! - great philosophical life; life is endless journey; yes, no need to stop in a certain age or certain receiving of desired things; life is unstoppable ways of discovering; many darkness and lights will come on the ways of this life just need to conquer it by the true welfare knowledge
Lovely. Basically he is retiring to sleep. Its past his sleeping time. I think
The last two lines of this poem remind me of the film " The Birds" directed by Alfred Hitchcock in which birds play a horrible role during the film and totally different from what we imagine of birds. Does the raven in this poem want to take the pupil of the eye out after the man sleeps?
A giant Raven is waiting..A raven is waiting for everybody to sleep!

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