EVM (April 24,1880 (I wish) / Moscow)

Omnia Mea Mecum Porto*

My heart is broken
But I am alive
And I intend to continue
Remaining this way

My pride is broken
But I will grow a new
Because my pride
Does not depend on you

My cheerfulness was gone
But not for good
I will smile again
Before a new moon

My confidence was broken
But not for very long
Everything mine
Is coming back to me

It was great when you though I am special,
But when you changed your mind
Everything mine
Still stayed with me

I did not know this
I thought it would all go away
Everything I had
When you left

Smart people figured it
Centuries ago, saying
“Omnia mea mecum porto”-
Everything mine I carry with me

And now I finally know
what it really means...
Things that are mine
Nobody can take away.

Everything mine I get to keep!

* a latin proverb

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Good poem with a lesson for us all on the value of self-respect and resilience
Claiming what is already yours!