On A Birthday

On a birthday,
You will get presents and goodwill wishes
Cards and photographs will become your memories
It will be one of your happiest days

On a birthday,
You will welcome your newborn into the world
And each year, light candles on the decorated cake
Wondering what wishes they’ll make

Their life is so full of promise and mystery
With so many roads to take
You want only that they be happy
And celebrate this special day

There is a chance that you will pause
When this day comes once a year
As it is a day of memories
To remember the ones we loved so dear

Does it mark the anniversary of a loved one
That’s no longer with us here
Does it remind us of our impending death
That is getting ever near

Perhaps you’ll place a flower on a grave
And remember the party you gave
You can still see the smile that played on his face
As he uncorked the celebration champagne
Or recall how she danced despite
The cancer that was eating her with away

You may dust off the box of old photographs
To see how the years have changed
But you know they won’t forget
All the hearty laughs and joyous tears
That have become their bittersweet memories

On a birthday,
You will replace the old year with the new
And my love will grow with each day
I will never forget you

I hope on this day
that your wishes come true
blow out all your candles
To make sure that they do.

by Pensive Phoenix

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