On A Certain Day

On a certain day
There is nothing to do,
When there is rain at night
Drops fall from the roof-
The window is closed.

On a certain day
When a glass falls
Let it. And the water-tap
Is left open, let it.

On a certain day
Do not talk and listen
Walk as if and if not
By stick, slow like going
Down-slope. Only breath
And see, on a certain day.

Do not fear night,
It will bring wonders
Of conversation about
The fire-place, on tea.

On a certain time,
Only sleep
Remember, and stretch out.
Watch the snow on the hill
Go to the river bed
Of floating boat,
Count stars.

On a certain time
There is no need of doing

Sadiqullah Khan
October 20,2014.

by Sadiqullah Khan

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