On A Cold, Wet And Windy Mid February Day

It is cold and wet today in the home of the silver back crow
And the dark brown water bird dipper with breast as white as snow
Is not singing in the river that bank high does flow
In the flat and damp fields where the rank rushes grow
The weather temperatures as low as zero degrees
And the migratory redwings are chirping on the naked trees
The hill behind the gray fog is hidden away
On a cold, wet and windy mid February day
In one of the cold and wet months of the year
The hungry cattle bellowing for fodder in the farm sheds one does hear
Though only two weeks from the calendar Spring
It will be early April before the nesting birds sing
The rain drizzling down from the sky gloomy gray
And the cattle in the farm shed bellowing for silage or hay.

by Francis Duggan

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