On A Comment On The Millstreet Web Site

Though from Millstreet my first homeplace i live far away
I visit there online a few times a day
It was there i was born and raised and went to school
Far north of where i now live Koroit near Warrnambool

And though each to their own is how it seems to be
One comment on the Millstreet Web Site of late does not go well with me
One John O Sullivan the praises of the unnecessary removal of conifer trees from the Millstreet Town Park does sing
Even a verbal attack on Nature is not a good thing

I do stand by fact since fact does not lie
When their trees are removed sedentary wildlife doomed to die
They fear their territorial neighbours and from predators have nowhere to hide
Due to tree removal millions of tree dwelling birds and animals have died Worldwide

I live in a landscape that is quite scarce on trees
And in Summer temperatutes of often close to forty degrees
Even for farm animals without adult trees as shade from the sun
Life can be tough and never much fun

In tropical rainforests unsuitable for farming which is obviously clear
By slash and burn farmers of the Amazon millions of trees removed every year
Land that in it's suitability for agriculture does have a short span
In a time of Climate Change the World's worst enemy is man

Though i have not been in the Millstreet Town Park for many a day
As far as i recall of the games area those conifer trees were not in the way
The wanton destruction of their habitat for wildlife huge problems create
And on the unnecessary removal of adult trees what is to celebrate?

by Francis Duggan

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