On A Day Like Today

The sun's lamp brightly shining the birds whistle and sing
On this day in November towards the end of the Spring
With a high of a pleasant twenty one degrees
It is nice to be out in the sun and the breeze

That blow from the ocean up through the Townpark
And how lovely to hear the black and white magpie lark
Sing pee wee pee wee whilst walking around
In their search for insects for their young on the ground.

The poet and the artist they do celebrate
The wonders and beauty that Nature create
In a painting to hang on a gallery wall
And a poem for to memorize and to recall.

One must question the existence of writers drought
When in Nature so much beauty for to write about
Through the blue sunny sky just a few patches of gray
How can one not write on a day like today.

by Francis Duggan

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