On A Dead Little Raven

A young little raven by the roadway hit by a car or truck had died
His very distressed parents were cawing at his side
On their behaviour the true symptons of shock and grief they did show
If humans does grieve for their dead so too does a crow
Humans are not alone on grieving for their dead
Of all creatures of life this too can be said
A dead crow not a loss the less well enlightened may say
But far too many animals, birds, amphibians and reptiles are dying on roadways today
That some people are convinced that creatures cannot grieve does beggar belief
On the behaviour of the ravens for their young dead i witnessed true grief
The baby they had worked hard to raise had just lost it's life
My sympathy was with the raven and his wife
To us humans alone grief does not belong
Those who will tell you so have got it all wrong.

by Francis Duggan

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