Poem Hunter
On A Fine Morning
(2 June 1840 – 11 January 1928 / Dorchester / England)

On A Fine Morning

Whence comes Solace?--Not from seeing
What is doing, suffering, being,
Not from noting Life's conditions,
Nor from heeding Time's monitions;
   But in cleaving to the Dream,
   And in gazing at the gleam
   Whereby gray things golden seem.


Thus do I this heyday, holding
Shadows but as lights unfolding,
As no specious show this moment
With its irised embowment;
   But as nothing other than
   Part of a benignant plan;
   Proof that earth was made for man.

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You need to correct the video above - whenever there is a semicolon, the girl says and nbsp (something like that) three times. It is very irritating. Thank you.