On A Frequent Basis

When one is accustomed to living alone.
And being independent...
It becomes difficult to embrace,
Those who suddenly appear...
Offering fuzzy clutches,
Attached to words oozing love.

Especially from those who participated,
In issuing headaches, innuendos...
And 'misguided' truths.
You know...
Received from those who claim they don't lie,
But often do!

Living alone is such a peaceful experience.
Especially if you have gone through love,
Marriage and divorce.
And not necessarily in that order.
Although I am told since I am getting older,
How nice it would be for me to have a companion.

And I usually hear this from someone I often see alone.
Who claims to share good times,
With someone I've never met.
And having a one night stand on a frequent basis,
Some people may regard as a companion.
I don't.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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