On A High Horse

Freed from guilt to feel remorse.
Or self doubt once kept enforced.
Insecurities and fears,
I no longer seek them to be endorsed.
On a high horse I sought to ride.

Tough had been the facing,
Of obstacles to remove.
And a mood I chose with attitude,
Fears to beat I was going to prove.
And I did to clear opposition too.

I was on a mission to witness,
The touching of my wishes and dreams.
And when I began to see them to notice,
Off the back of that high horse I got...
To know I did not have to disguise myself,
To recieve what was mine to arrive in God's time.

On a high horse I sought to ride.
But God always knew I didn't have to.
God always knew...
When my dreams to wish would come true.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I liked this poem very much