On A Learning Journey

I am glad you can accept me as I am.
And not feel threatened or competitive.
I too am on a learning journey.
With a doing I have chosen,
To comprehend and understand.
And perhaps my willingness to listen first,
Before I speak...
Leaves you perceiving,
I only do this to expose my experiences to teach.
We've shared before so let's move on from there.

I am on a learning journey just like you.
And if I interrupt you as often as you say I do,
I come to you to discuss what's new.
Not hear you preach about things you can't release.
Or about that which I've known around us shown.
I'm not one needing repeated over again what's known.
As if your attempts are meant to convince yourself,
I am the one in need to comprehend...
A reality we both know others pretend.
And I do understand to realize that does exist.
But proving it to you teaches me nothing.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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