On A Life's Journey

I do not know where my life's journey will take me
Though i do know where for me it all began
In Claraghatlea a short walk to Clara Mountain
Where i was born and grew into a man

Today back there i well might be a stranger
As it has been a long time since i last lived there
The children there today would ask their parents
Who is that old bloke who came from elsewhere?

We all are born to go on our life's journey
A journey that can take us to places far
Though some in them do not have the need to travel
And feel content to live till death where their roots are

But even the stay at home types are on a life's journey
In familiar places they like to work and reside
They marry locally and raise their children
Whilst those with the bug of wander travel far and wide

On different ways we are on a life's journey
Though every life's journey does have an end
For when all is said and done we are mere mortals
This is how it is why otherwise pretend.

by Francis Duggan

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