To A Northern Lake

To a northern lake...for solitude
being with myself
evading distractions
needing no busyness
listening to silence

To a northern lake...for relaxation
swimming in looseness
napping at midday
staring at fires
burning schedules

To a northern lake...for naturemelding
whispering with wind
gliding with gulls
shooting with stars
laughing with loons

To a northern lake...for contemplation
freefalling in daydreams
having no agenda
requiring no evaluation
delivering no apology

by Mark Bratlie

Comments (4)

WOW! Charlie - this is one of your best! Liquid flow, and such intensity - says sooooo much. I like your style, as I have always told you. You are exquisitely talented! This deserves a 10 - actually 15 would be more appropriate! Linda
An interesting, fantastical write, Charlie. Great idea about the grains of sand as crimes of mankind. Esther : ]
Wonderful flow with words Charles Patricia
Wow, this was excellent! I especially loved the ending... but the whole poem is so so well structured and indeed it flows so easily... A 10 from me! ~~Elya Thorn~~