On A Lonely Mountain

On a lonely mountain
in a far and distant land
lives a man that's seen the world go round
since the world began
the storytellers tell me
when a stranger passes by
if he listens to the mountain
he can hear the old man cry

'Tell your friends when you go home
To change the path they're walking on
The world will fall into decay
And man will simply pass away
What's right is right, What's done is done
You should unite and act as one
So think as you go on your way
Remember what you hear me say'.

The old man is the keeper
the mountain is the key
when man goes wrong the mountain cracks
and crumbles to the sea
the sands are washed on every shore
and if you are inclined
you could look upon those grains of sand
as man's eternal crimes.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (4)

WOW! Charlie - this is one of your best! Liquid flow, and such intensity - says sooooo much. I like your style, as I have always told you. You are exquisitely talented! This deserves a 10 - actually 15 would be more appropriate! Linda
An interesting, fantastical write, Charlie. Great idea about the grains of sand as crimes of mankind. Esther : ]
Wonderful flow with words Charles Patricia
Wow, this was excellent! I especially loved the ending... but the whole poem is so so well structured and indeed it flows so easily... A 10 from me! ~~Elya Thorn~~