On A Long Road In Summer

In essence,
breath and bone;
light fingers tracing
gray stone;
lichen like a soft dream
in a parched barren land.
And on my hand, one gentle
rainbowed droplet forms.

Against impossible blues
and the bordered quilting
of a consecrated earth,
made for the hard word and
the curlew’s call; all gaiety
slipping into wild abandon -
voice on voice and note
layered on tone.

Wander from the ribbonned road
stand on peaks to see
the sudden death of land
and sea, on cliff.
Hold the western sun,
in prismed light reflected
detected in the last twist of
the homeward path.

Taunting, flaunting,
reciprocal desires.
Denying and blessing
the latitude extended.
Leasing a green plot
For the red lantern –
A small detail lost
Among wild roses.

by Geraldine Moorkens Byrne

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