On A Minimal Budget

Using looks and appearances,
Of people and things...
To pre-judge with assumptions done,
To perceive kept preferences...
Brings a happiness to everyone.
Will eventually reveal,
A limited mindset of those beset...
Of an existence to keep themselves 'real',
In a World that restricts...
Comparisons limited to either accept or reject,
Images made to address a reflecting of impressions.

Although and yet insecurities kept hidden to hide,
A staying in debt to remain fashionably connected,
For purposes to imitate priorities of the times to rely...
With a flaunting of bling will bring respect.
As long as trends many get caught up in,
On a minimal budget but on an abundance of pretense...
Will convince anyone living on the surface without depth,
That a self worth one has paid to get is felt and to be kept secured.
Until one confesses what had been owned to posses,
Has been repossessed no matter who had been impressed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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