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On A Mossy Rock
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

On A Mossy Rock

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

A mossy rock was waiting
I sat and watched the waterfall
and tiny bubbles springing free
as if to reach the sun's warm rays.

My grandpa had, so many times
sat on this rock, on older moss
and, knowing him a bit, I'd say
his thoughts may well have been

the very same. Something like
what's the meaning of it all,
and what will happen on that day
when I must go, and all that godliness,
the learned raw facts of history,
and chemistry, so many formulae,

and who would run as fast and jump
one meter eighty-two in height?
That wisdom I had recently confirmed,
it was at last a real part of me.

All this would go to dust, would then
be swept away by waterfalls perhaps,
I left when darkness came, I smiled,
it had now been confirmed that Heaven
would have a use for all of this, my talents.
No bloody way that God would be so wasteful.

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Comments (3)

Nice....couldn't help but smile at the end of it. The last lines were the best.
Ah, the wisdom that comes from aging! :) Your last lines were just wonderful and I suspect very true! Nice poem, Herbert. Raynette
this made me smile. a nice answer to questions we all ask ourselves! u.