On A Rain Sent Summer's Day

did we not
on a rain-sent summer's day
sky filled with thunder
hide beneath your bolero
ground wet with rain

inquisitive man
that you were then
kissing first my eyelids
then slowly but surely
you kissed my lips
pressing your warm body
next to my own

you trespassed slowly
growing bolder
with each whimpering sound
that found it's way
up to my throat
somehow you never
noticed i was crying

did we not
discardng your damp bolero
wonder when the rain had stopped
rolling in the wet grass
your laughter filling the air
i fully realized
what i had only sensed before

it wasn't me
who filled your soul with longing
it wasn't me
who filled your heart with joy
you called me by another
woman's name more times
than i care to remember
so much for rain-sent summer days

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

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simple yet lovely....