On A Rainy Day

On a rainy day, being in a funky night club
Amidst the cold, Smoke pours, dry thrill of suburb
Music and few big hip ladies around
Hustlers making them hot happening on ground
Bands, harmony, rhythm and rhyme
Stories and fantasies brushes my arm
Cool melodic sound to pull out the flames
Of burning desire let loose seduce so sweet. So slow...
Just a glance at your trance, pay the tab, got to go
Music and harmony all with a lady
A crazy escape from domestic grievances
Third world retaliate for all damness
Round midnight digged trenches deep to save little more
As moment passed by, rain stopped, and all with roses
Walked past that black dirt garden
Singing the song for pleasure once more
“Betrayal” is what struck, at crack of dawn
Just before the lawn, honey seeing off
The guy who lived next door
Left her, next moment, not to come back again
And forgot to take her smell
The sound of my name the way she said it
Memoirs replaced her pitifully many times in
Rooms, beds

by Anurag Tiwari

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