(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

On A Regular And Daily Basis

A people taught to live in acceptance,
Of being oppressed and neglected...
As a way of life in obedient subservience.
Are also observed to be a people,
Thoughtless in their discipline.
With a belief disrespect reflected,
Is deserving of a respect to them given.

And reflecting to self-exam themselves,
Is not a thing done with insight to receive.
Since people like these perceive to do so,
Is offensive and negative to hear it mentioned...
By others they protest with a doing of their best,
To ensure anyone with a kept identity and a dignity...
Expressed with a doing is not down to Earth.
With a doing in a discreet deceiving immorality.

And those wishing to impress with an intelligence,
Do this just to get more attention.
From the ones who keep them 'all' suppressed.
With a profiting that does not cease,
As long as this ignorance continues...
To remain as a focus of a division of jealousy and hatred,
Shared between them as seen on a regular and daily basis.
Like addicts getting a fix and demanding it until done.

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