On A Roll On That Road

What is the need?
Let's get to the point,
And stop beating around the bush.

I am not a dentist.
You needn't fear I seek to pull your teeth.
Nor do I excite when I peel a banana.
If it is going to be made difficult,
For me to get...
Keep it.
I don't want it around.
Not me.

If I am going to be in it for the long haul...
That route better be as clear as possible.
I'll prepare for an infrequent storm.
But I am not going to head towards one...
With a wish to live it without an exit.

I've had my share of emergency road stops!
And unexpected flats.
I'm on a roll on that road I'd like to keep.
With my eyes wide open to familiar activities...
Of all kinds!
Including the ones you would like to introduce.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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