(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

On A Scale No One Can Fathom

To produce a pitifulness.
Condone it.
For reasons to flourish an advantage.
Market its wastefulness!
And then confine by addicting decadence?
Does not sit well with Mother Nature.
Nor with that which allows our habitation.
And to prove just how trivial these 'justifications'?
One would have to be asleep not to notice.
Or overdosed on Prozac!

We who leech upon its goodness and grace.
Breathing its atmosphere.
And feeding off its 'veins' we take for granted!
This living Earth,
Has chosen these times to introduce to all...
Drastic changes!
To enforce a much higher appreciation
From those who believe,
Manipulation in 'any' form whatsoever...
Will continue to be tolerated.

All that we have taken for selfish indulgences.
From IT...
Has a mind of its own and is using it...
For all to witness!
As it selects and picks,
Those of a mindless consciousness.
On a scale no one can fathom!
And in ways no thoughtless human can deter!

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