When The Dream Will Be Broken

When there is no conversation,
Written words do play the vision;
Someone seems to say silent story,
But senseless silence creates worry.

Someone is there on the other bank
To note fortune in distinguished rank;
And the other here to sow future seeds
To fulfill all dreams and real, royal needs.

Boats have lost their ways as time passes,
Only past images dance in broken glasses;
The breach has stretched its distance dread,
None to bridge, connect or tie torn thread.

And when the dream will be broken shortly,
Two melancholy minds must meet merrily.


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On a seven-day diary is a great poem..... It touched my heart, when I was in my twenties, , , , and now, more than twenty year later, it touched me again, , , , , on Monday... and when I think II´ve been sitting in my office for 13 years, , , , , Amparo mahecha (Colombia)