On A Summer's Day

I would fly high on the wings of the wind,
I would sing joyous songs in a treetop
Tuned, to the melody of the birds.
I would wave my arms in harmony
With the trees, swaying slowly to the whirl
Of their capricious rhythm,
I would weave a gossamer web to reflect
The prism radiance of the sun,
Or grow golden sunflowers, or buttercups,
Popping up, luxuriating in the velvet turf.
I would melt into the symphony of the rain
To become a part of the ebb and flow of nature;
Or lie outstretched on the warm sand
As the swirling waves tumble me about.
I would gaze upward in awe
At the vastness of azure skies
Basking in the glory of the universe.

by Lena E. Lewin

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