(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

On A Thin Line

What's good is balancing on a thin line.
As demons are on a hate trip.
Leaving what's good unbalanced.
To fall into a deep abyss.

Evil to spew is on the rise.
Undisguised before our eyes.
While many just look away.
Unconcerned and to deny.

Proof of the truth to know it.
Today is threatened to not exist.
Proof of the truth like good to feel,
One day will be gone.

Proof of the truth to know it,
Balances on a thin line.
Allowing deceit and corruption,
To pre-occupy our evil minds.

What is good seen to be tripping.
And falling into an abyss.
What is good like truth to know,
More seem to be offended by it.

What is good seen to be tripping.
On a thin line to drop.
With few aware who even care,
Demons have their thoughts blocked out.
Like the good.
Balancing on a thin line.
Hope it drops.
And the truth.
To watch it...
Stopped and knocked out.
With no one to notice.
What has dropped.
With no one to care.
What has stopped.
To feed upon what's evil.

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