On A Way To Find Liberty

i went on and on
on a way to find liberty

murk all around, 'cause there's no one to help me out
my heart is totally unfilled
sorrow's all around

my shadow staggers beside me
and i am all alone in the boulevard
wanting someone to make me jovial
to show me the way to find liberty

i gaze at the sky
and see a golden bird flying high
pleading to the deity to open my arms and let my fly high
higher and higher until i reach my destiny
where there's liberty around me

i shouted, i yelled but no one heard me
at last a ray of hope and aspirations penetrated my heart
and i flew away from the murky boulevard

i didn't halt until i found my destiny
i went on and on
on a way to find liberty

by Sudipta Pathak

Comments (2)

hey sudipta u have written a really heart-touching poem......... i hope u will write more fantastic poems............. good luck and may god let u fly high and touch great heights
What a picture of undying desire to find happiness.anyways u ar slammed with 10 'cos those lines ar hot!