Taking You Along To My Grave

God said
To her
Few days ago
I am taking you along to my grave
Because I know that you are ill
Nobody else can take your pain
That you are feeling now
Because I am your God
And I am the only one that can take your pain away
No doctors could save you
But it seems to me that I am the only one that can save you

by Aldo Kraas

Comments (4)

What a subtle way to childhood write the rapid passing of time. I would suggest an investigation into her poetry and short stories, in my opinion another example of a kiwi who wrote better after the contrast of travelling over seas. Having read so many of Mansfields's stories, remembering the impact at high school under the gift of a good English teacher, then later studying New Zealand Literature and Katherine Mansfield at university, read so often over the later years, Katherine will always be to me, hello old friend.
That was Awesome i like the way this poem rymes, it is a true work of art, in my openion
I absolutely love this, and agree Paul..... Children grow up way too fast
How quickly they grow up, we must cherish childhood days