On Aging... (Just A Few Lines)

Time gives a freckle
I laugh on the spot
but these wrinkles,
I like them - NOT! !

by Chuck Audette

Comments (8)

Life is such a tradeoff. Ying for yang: years for wrinkles. And, besides, some things we gotta live with. Enjoyed this cute little write.
Listen...when you're 90...then maybe you can grumble about lines...LOL...right now buddy...you've got nothing to worry about! Hugs, dee
Well, you've been giving all of us laughter lines so it serves you right! Don't worry though, men can get awa with wrinkles - just look at Sean Connery. Hugs Anna xxx
Lines define.... and they are probably mighty fine lines at that! jz
I guess there is an alternative to growing old... But I think I prefer the wrinkles. Great piece. Many of us oldies understand exactly where you're coming from. love, Allie xxxx
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